About Us
AIS, Inc. has been owned and operated by Greg Bedenk for over 20 years. In that time, Mr. Bedenk has established a reputation of integrity, expertise, and dependability to which all his clients and colleagues can attest. Greg and his team have serviced hundreds of labs over the years and have successfully maintained relationships and contracts with dozens of Fortune 100 companies in the industry. AIS, Inc. believes in meeting and exceeding expectations. Guaranteed!

Our Midwest service center located in Bolingbrook, IL is headed up by Jesse Hunter. Mr. Hunter has been with AIS since its inception and continues to be a central figure in our achievement. Jesse has developed and maintained successful business relationships and has worked side by side with leaders of research in some of the nation's most prestigious labs. He has earned the respect and trust that comes from years of dedication, superior customer service and unmatched experience servicing all types of analytical instrumentation.

In 1997 AIS opened its Southwest office in Phoenix AZ.

AIS has developed relationships with instrument manufacturers and distributors across the US and throughout the world to enhance their response times, reduce costs and provide better service to their customers. The support staff at AIS is always available and eager to help you and your lab. You will undoubtedly receive the service and peace of mind that you deserve when you choose AIS for your laboratory's maintenance needs. Contact Us today, so we can get started…at NO COST to you! Just Ask!

AIS Commitment
AIS provides a single source solution for analytical laboratories in the pharmaceutical, food and flavor, petrochemical, environmental, forensic and research fields. We provide a wide range of maintenance programs for your HPLC, GC and MS Systems. With over 20 years in the industry and a track record of superior customer service and unmatched dependability, we stand behind our work 100%.

AIS Convenience
AIS helps you consolidate your laboratory vendors by combining service contracts from multiple manufacturers into just ONE service agreement. This streamlines the entire repair process, and is guaranteed to keep your lab running smoothly. You'll appreciate our Tailored Service Contracts too! They're customized to fit both your needs and your budget. The result is a service agreement defined by you on your own terms.
AIS Value
Better Value for your laboratory is what you receive. Our Service Plans and Products give you more alternatives to get the most from your budget. See what AIS can do for your Laboratory Today.
AIS Partners
We partner with suppliers of Instruments and Upgrades that give you the maximum Value for your investment. Whether wanting more out of your lab's existing instrumentation or purchasing new systems. We can help. Check out our Product Page for more from our Partners.

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