Data Apex Clarity Software

Clarity Software from DataApex is an advanced chromatography station designed to acquire and evaluate data from up to four chromatographs at a time. Clarity represents a universal solution for laboratories. It enables the user to acquire data from any commercially available chromatograph with standard analog output. Up to four chromatography systems, each of which can be equipped with up to four detectors can be connected simultaneously. Clarity can control many current and legacy LC and GC systems manufactured by Agilent/Hewlett Packard and other instrument manufacturers. Including 5890A, 5890II 6890(A,N), 7890 and all 7673 series autosamplers.

There are three versions of Clarity Available: Clarity (full version), Clarity-Lite, and Clarity-Off Line. Click this link to View the Clarity Brochure

You can Compare the 3 Versions of Clarity here View Clarity Version Comaparison to help you decide which version is right for You.

Clarity can control and directly collect data from many different HPLC and GC Systems. Check the List of Instruments for your GC or HPLC system.

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Clarity Controls

Clarity interfaces to almost any Chomatography Instrument via a detector analog output. Clatity also offers optional control modules to both control and process data directly from your HPLC or GC System
The Control Modules are:

GC Control Module
LC Control Module
AS Control Module for controlling both LC and GC Autosamplers

There is a long list of instruments that we can control and collect data from directly. Check the List Of Instruments Controlled

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Clarity Extensions

Clarity offers Extention Modules for Clarity for Special Instrument Types and Analyses

The Extension Modules are:

PDA Module - 3 dimensional data for processing data aquired from Diode Array Detectors.
SST Module - System Suitability Module
GPC Module - Gel Permeation Chromatography data processing module.

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Data Apex Hardware

Data Apex Hardware and Cables, Interface your Instruments to Clarity Chromatography Data System

A/D Converters to connect instruments to Clarity via an analog output:

UPAD - A/D that connects to your data system through a USB port.
NetPAD - A/D that connects to your data system through a Network / Ethernet Connection. Excellent for connecting to instruments where PC and Chromatograph are a long distance from each other.

Cables and other hardware for interfacing the computer to instruments controlled by Clarity or through A/D interfaces.

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