Gas Chromatography

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Chromtech / CTC PAL Systems for Gas Chromatography

PAL = Prep and Load. GC sample injection systems that combine liquid, large volume, headspace and SPME techniques in a single instrument. Application areas include environmental, food/beverage, consumer products, forensics, chemicals/polymers and pharmaceuticals.
These are truly 3 axis robotic systems. Their capabilities extend beyond just a standard autosampler. Check out all of the accessories and custom applications available. Have a special application? Contact Us

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Combi-xt PAL Brochure
GC-xt PAL Brochure
PAL Accessories for Gas Chromatography
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Chromtech Accessories for CTC PAL Systems

A device designed to extract either specific organic groups or all types of organic compounds from a sample, depending on what type of fiber is used. Automated SPME gives far better reproducibility than manual SPME.

SINGLE MAGNET MIXER - Oven and mixer for SPME and SPDE Applications

BAKER Option - Large Volume Headspace oven for Analysis of Solvents Paper, Plastics, Powders, Granules, and Pharmaceutical Products.

TDAS 2000 - Thermal Desorption Autosampler (TDAS) developed by CHROMTECH for fully automated thermal desorption.

PREPBASE - The PrepBase is an attachment for the CTC PAL systems that performs online sample filtration

SPDE - Syringe Needle based Sample Extration

Chromtech, GmbH PAL Options Website

Overbrook Scientific Liquid, Headspace and SPME Injectors

The HTA series of GC autosamplers are an automated syringe based solution for the budget conscious laboratory. Laboratories that require flexibility, reliability and accurate performance look to the HTA series. Syringe based headspace means there are no 6 port valves, tubing or heated transfer lines in the sample path. This means - the entire sample path can be changed by just replacinging the syinge. Easily switch between liquid injection, headspace injection and SPME techniques. The autosampler incorporates several control options to fit your needs, including integrated keypad control or PC software interface.

HT280T Brochure
HTA Autosamplers Data Sheet

Chromsys PAL Single Magnet Mixer (SMM)

Specifically developed for conducting intensive sample stirring and heating during automated SPME and SPDE analysis with the CTC PAL autosampler. Applications include sample preparation for mixing, cooling and heating various liquids; sample derivatization; and incubation for headspace analysis, SPME & SPDE.

SMM Brochure
Single Magnet Mixer Applications

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